घरगुती पदार्थांची चव न्यारी !

    दिनांक :07-Jun-2021

Pandemic or No Pandemic, taste buds always demand gastronomic delights which is absolutely normal. Since last one year there have been restrictions on restaurants and food joints which resulted in more and more cooking experiments at home. Also, home-cooked, hygienic and authentic food offering services got utmost importance. Home Chefs offering home delivery of lip-smacking food took the front seat. Messages of home cooked dishes started making rounds of Whatsapp and facebook and new avenues opened.

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Traditional food became ‘trending’- Can you believe of someone earning handsome money by selling of one single dish cooked at home? Yes, a home chef in Nagpur earned few thousand bucks by selling Ukdiche Modak during last Ganpati festival. Apart from just seasonal sale the most ordered other traditional authentic dishes that are earning profits was Nagpuri Saoji Chicken, Litti Chokha, Maccher Jhal, Dal Pakwan. (courtesy- Nativ Chefs)

Immense Benefits – Desi Indian Home Cooked food and its benefits is talk of town. Indian food is also known as functional food having immense benefits. The presence of functional components like body-healing chemicals, antioxidants, dietary fibers, and probiotics makes it the literally complete. The functional molecules in it help in boosting immunity of the body, weight management and blood sugar level balance too.

Online Ordering & Meal Planning- On more good thing that happened for food business operator is extraordinary increase in online ordering. More cashless transactions gave more transparency and clarity in business operations. Hammering of discounts and limited period offers is helping foodies to plan meals and enjoy sumptuous delights by saving money. Love food, Live food and spice up by adding more and more flavors .